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Fake Baby Carriers Warning

Please note: This article was published in April 2019. We do our best to update blog posts as new information becomes available and to keep links up to date, but please let us know if there is something we have missed.

The BCIA would like our members, businesses and consumers alike, to be aware of the knock-off carriers (“fake baby carriers”) now being sold on various web sales sites. Many of these carriers are available on a regular basis on eBay, where unscrupulous sellers use well-recognized brand names to sell shoddy copies. It is also possible that the sellers themselves have been taken advantage, and have purchased the carriers with the belief they are authentic. They often receive their stock from sites like .

Unauthorized copies of existing carrier designs, or “fake baby carriers” are complete with stolen designs and instructions. In addition to being illegal, these carriers can be dangerous, due to the poor sewing and materials — many are sewn with inferior fabrics or with fewer design standards. There may be an increased risk of tearing or other failures when in use, and they may not be tested to relevant international standards.

The link is included only so that our readers can view the many carriers that have been copied. We DO NOT recommend purchasing from the site, since the carriers are all stolen designs that are more than likely unsafe to use. Importing and distributing carriers, particularly ones that break a patent (as is the case with the fake Ergos) is also illegal, and those who knowingly do so can be prosecuted. Your baby’s safety is far more important than saving a few dollars on a cheap carrier!

We urge all consumers to carefully check the packaging on carriers they buy from unknown retailers, and to purchase from reputable sellers when buying a baby carrier. If you are in doubt as to whether a retailer is legitimate, you can check the manufacturer’s website.

If you think you might have purchased a counterfeit/ fake baby carrier, here is some advice from manufacturers:

Moby Wrap

Note from a customer who purchased a counterfeit baby carrier

I purchased a MiniZone MT off of Ebay. The shoulder straps are not constructed correctly, the shoulder strap fabric is not reinforced and sunk into the body of the carrier. When I pulled on the straps of the baby carrier the fabric along the top of the head rest ripped. I then pulled on the other shoulder strap and the fabric ripped on the other side. Another parent purchased a MIniZone MT off of Ebay and she also pulled on each shoulder strap. Her carrier did not rip.

If you are aware of a seller of knockoff or counterfeit carriers, or if you believe you have purchased one and are unsure, please contact the manufacturer and also email us at .

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