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Visible & Kissable™: Holiday Safety

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the rush of the holiday season! A baby carrier is an invaluable tool for keeping little ones snug during the holiday rush of shopping, concerts, parties and travel. Make sure the smallest family members are safe and secure with these seasonal safety reminders.

A baby carrier can keep your baby in the safest place possible- on your chest and in an upright position. Baby carriers are meant to mimic in-arms carrying positions- your baby should be in the same position in which you would hold him in your arms. Check your baby by embracing them in the carrier- your baby’s position should not shift significantly in your embrace.

Nursing on the go?

Take a few minutes to sit down and feed if you can- your baby (and your feet!) will appreciate it. Make sure to re-position your baby back to upright immediately after feeding, even if they’ve fallen asleep. Your baby’s face should always be visible to you, even if babe is nursing or sleeping.

It’s cold outside!

Keep your little one snug and warm and close to your heart in a properly fitting sling or carrier. Be mindful of over bundling and never cover baby’s face with a blanket or zipped up jacket. Look for a babywearing jacket or carrier cover that leaves baby’s face free and clear if you need an extra layer. This is equally important in other container-type devices as well (like strollers and infant bucket seats). Covering a baby’s face makes it impossible to monitor them and can lead to suffocation or CO2 rebreathing.

Keep germs at bay!

A baby carrier is the perfect tool for keeping well-meaning but germy hands away from your little one. If babe does get sick a sling or carrier allows you to keep baby close so you can monitor their breathing. Babies under 4 months of age and any baby with a respiratory issue (even a simple cold!) require extra monitoring and vigilance.

Whether your carrier of choice is a sling, wrap, mei tai/meh dai or buckle carrier, ensure baby always has a clear and open airway. Your baby’s head and neck should be completely supported, with their chin off their chest. Chin to chest positioning can restrict your baby’s airway, especially with babies under 4 months of age. Make sure you can slip a finger between their chin and chest. Babies are noisy creatures, but snorting, snoring and grunting noises can be signs of labored breathing and an indication that your baby needs to be repositioned immediately. Be extra vigilant when using car seats, strollers, swings and bouncy chairs as well as young babies can easily slip into chin to chest positioning in these devices too.

Keep the above safety tips in mind and you’ll breeze through the holidays with your little one cozy and safe in a sling or carrier.

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