April Round Table – Baby Carrier Standards and Compliance

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The BCIA April roundtable discussion focused on baby carrier standards and compliance. It was attended by 14 people, both members and nonmembers.

A detailed summary of the baby carrier standards and compliance discussion can be viewed by active members of the BCIA. Please log in to view the detailed discussion.

Topics covered during the discussion about baby carrier standards and compliance included:

  • How to handle components testing when certifying baby carriers in the UK. Which components require individual testing? Can components be certified by suppliers? Does each configuration, colorway, etc. have to be tested separately? What about AZO dyes and formaldehyde?
  • OekoTex standards
  • How do you certify products in countries where no standards have been adopted? In some countries, it’s required to register or certify your products, which can be a complex experience if you don’t know the process.
  • What are the roles and reponsibiities of babywearing educators when it comes to baby carrier standards and compliance, testing, and reporting incidents?
  • One member is conducting independent research on babywearing and shared some of the preliminary results of her work.

Next meetings

Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 12pm EST. 

  • May 12 | Topic: Roles and responsibilities of educators related to standards, compliance, and adverse incidents
  • June 9, | Topic: Connecting with healthcare/kangaroo care professionals about babywearing
  • July 14 | Topic: Recent babywearing-related research (participants encouraged to share links/articles/information leading up to the meeting)
  • August 11 | Topic TBD

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DETAILED SUMMARY: Baby Carrier Standards and Compliance Roundtable