Baby Carrier Compliance Labeling: Complete Primer for ASTM F2907

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Navigating the regulations around baby carrier compliance labeling for slings, wraps, and other babywearing products can be complicated. They also change from time to time as the baby carrier compliance laws and standards are updated. 2022 Baby Carrier Compliance Labeling Rules In August of 2022, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission updated the existing regulations for baby sling and baby wrap carriers. When they adopted ASTM F2907-22, the baby carrier compliance labeling rules changed. If you’d like to learn more … Read More

What’s New in the F2907-22 Sling Standard?

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The main changes to the F2907-22 sling standard focus on changes to the product warning labels. For a brief overview of the changes and information about the CPSC vote, see our press release: F2907-22: Changes to the ASTM Baby Sling Standard, published last month. Why Were These Changes Made? The ASTM has committed to harmonizing standards across the board. This includes ensuring that warning labels meet ANSI’s Z535 standard for warning labels. These changes will also impact other carrier categories, … Read More

Your basic guide to product registration cards

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Managing product registration cards can be tricky. Members often reach out for support around the product registration component of CPSIA. Both the labs testing baby carriers and Registria, our card processing partner, have identified a number of areas where manufacturers and distributors sometimes overlook key details when preparing these cards. Here’s a straightforward guide to filling out product registration cards for your baby carriers or other products. What are product registration cards? A product registration card is a postcard that … Read More

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