Compliance Assistance Programs

Need some extra one-on-one assistance? Work directly with BCIA executive director Linnea Catalan to tailor services that meet your unique business needs. BCIA members can pick and choose from the following a la carte options.

Full Service Program $150 USD

Entry to the industry assistance includes:

  • how to get started: initial consultation to identify testing needs, outline timeline/priorities and identify potential challenges.
  • Product pre-testing review
  • Children’s Product Certificate assistance/review

Product Pre-Testing Review $75 USD

An extra set of expert eyes on your materials before you send product in for testing. Includes:

  • Review all labeling, tags and packaging
  • Review product registration card and online registration
  • Review product instructions
  • Identify potential physical testing issues

New Market Consultation $75 USD

Skype/messenger/phone or email consult to:

  • Identify testing needs and options to enter desired market (USA, Canada, EU, Australia)
  • Explore test lab options
  • Discuss how to make your product compliant to multi-markets

Children’s Product Certificate Assistance/Review $50 USD

Have your test reports? Let’s put them together into a CPC template that you can continue to update as needed.


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Note: These services are provided for general information purposes only, do not constitute legal advice, and should not be used as a substitute for advice of competent counsel as to legal requirements. Each manufacturer retains full legal responsibility for ensuring that its products comply with all mandatory national and local laws for the jurisdictions in which it sells its products, understanding that requirements change over time and that due diligence must be exercised to ensure continued legal compliance.