Product Registration Service Update

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Dear Product Registration Users,

We hope all is well and business is stable! BCIA’s Product Registration Service is coming up on its 10th anniversary, and we continue to be one of the few programs in the market that is designed for small businesses. We are so pleased to have a robust mix of older and new companies of all sizes accessing this service.

As everyone should be aware, back in 2018, the BCIA Product Registration Service merged with Registria to become the BCIA+Registria Product Registration Service. This greatly improved our service, including giving members access to a cloud storage portal for customer data and streamlining the data collection process. At that time, we sent all users a NEW product registration card template with a new address on it. We also made arrangements for any cards with the older original address that were still trickling through the system to be forwarded to our new address for the next year.

It has come to our attention that some of our original users have continued to use the original old product registration card template instead of switching over to the new one. The post office has informed us that they are no longer able to forward on cards coming into the old PO Box address as we have well exceeded mail forwarding time limitations. We are continuing to work with the post office to figure out a solution for any remaining cards coming in. However, it is important that use of the old PRS card cease immediately, and the new PRS card be attached to any accessible stock. The current version of the PRS card was sent to you via email (please get in touch if you need it resent). If you would like to order pre-printed generic cards, those can be accessed here: Printed Resources – Baby Carrier Industry Alliance

*note- if you are a more recent PRS user (2019 or later) you are already using the new PRS card and there is no need to change anything.

A reminder that to use the BCIA+Registria Product Registration Service you must:

  • Be an active annually renewing business member of the BCIA (downsizing business membership is available for those who are closing their business down but still need access to the PRS program)
  • Maintain an account in good standing with Registria billing (accounts more than 90+ days past due will be suspended)
  • Continue to meet the above two conditions so long as registration cards are returned via the BCIA+Registria service: please note cards may continue to come through for months or years after you have ‘left’ the program or shut down your business, depending on stock flowthrough. CPSC regulations outline that registration data must be kept for a period of 6 years.

An updated Terms and Instructions document can be found here. Please acknowledge (via email) your continued participation in the BCIA+Registria Product Registration Service and/or to let us know of any business changes.

Update August 2021:

At this point in time, USPS has refused to provide an option that allows us access to PRS cards addressed to the old BCIA PO Box (McKinney, TX address.) Cards returned to this PO box are NOT being collected, forwarded, or processed. Please make sure you are using the current PRS card (Denver, CO address) on any and all stock you have access to. While we continue to work towards a solution to address any old address cards that continue to come in, the reality is that at this point in time, we cannot access these cards.

Questions, concerns, need to renew your BCIA membership or access your Registria cloud storage portal? Please get in touch.