BCIA+Registria can bring you into compliance with the juvenile products product registration requirement of the CPSIA.


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About BCIA + Registria: a juvenile products product registration program

Effective December 29, 2010, baby carriers and other durable nursery products are required to have both digital and paper product registration programs in place (read more about this CPSIA requirement). If you sell baby carriers into the US market, you must physically attach a product registration card to each carrier, and there are strict requirements the card must meet.

The BCIA has partnered with Registria, a well known product registration provider, to create BCIA+Registria, a full-service juvenile products product registration program.

Registria’s robust, full-service product registration solution usually costs around $10,000 to set up and then has several ongoing maintenance components, but the BCIA has negotiated a unique turn-key service for our business members, which will save them time, money, and headaches, while allowing them to fully comply with current regulatory law. Additionally, retailers and consumers can have confidence that BCIA member manufacturers and importers are in compliance with current regulations.

Kids in Danger, a consumer advocacy group, has this to say about our program:

Baby Carrier Industry Alliance –great idea to help your members comply with product registration card requirement — an important measure to make sure consumer learn of recalled products. Currently most recalled products remain in use –leading to more injuries.

Kids in Danger

This registration requirement applies to all juvenile products and baby carriers sold into the US market, including those manufactured overseas. Domestic manufacturers and importers of foreign manufactured products are ultimately responsible for compliance with this law.

Read a full summary of the requirements under CFR 1130 of the CPSIA.

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Video transcript: Juvenile products product registration service – BCIA + Registria


I am Kristi Hayes Devlin, the Executive Director of The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about our BCIA + Registria product registration program.

This is an affordable product registration solution available to all of our members. It’s an important service, and one of our most popular membership benefits, because it makes a complex compliance — regulatory compliance rules — much more accessible, especially to small manufacturers.

In general, what is the BCIA and Registria partnership? This ensures that the product registration requirements of the law, the consumer product, safety improvement law, is accessible to everybody, regardless of your organization size, the size of your business, or whether you make 10 baby carriers a year or 10000, you are able to access this program, and it is affordable and sustainable even for the smallest businesses.

Many mid-sized businesses really appreciate utilizing this program because it makes maintaining the product registration services so much easier.This is an enhanced service designed for large companies, but this program this lets all BCIA members use this service so you don’t have to pursue these expensive, time consuming alternatives,

It improves the processing of delivery of the registration data to members. There is an easy to use web portal. This service is turnkey; everything is done for you. All that you have to do is attach the cards to your products.

There are additional registration methods — both the online registration that is required by the CPSC and also, for certain companies, other services that can increase the volume of your product registrations and increase the data quality and improving the registration experience for customers. This is important, because should you ever have to execute a product recall, you will have all the necessary data to create a successful recall program.

And, lastly, this, this is a modern solutions designed for large volume producers. We are very lucky that Registria has agreed to work with us, and provide this preferred pricing for BCIA members, without their normal setup fees to set up a new account.

Who is Registria? They’re all about customer journey innovation, and they are the gold standard for the consumer products industry, when it comes to product registrations and consumer engagement.

What they say about themselves is “Our solutions modernized product registration for the juvenile industry, complying with CPSC standards.”

Those standards can be difficult to navigate and complex to read and enact.

And on the bottom here, you’ll see some of the logos of the companies that work with Registria and utilize their services, including our organization.

If you’re not familiar with the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, our goal is to support baby carrier innovation. Particularly, we’re making compliance available and accessible internationally, not just within the US, to all of our members who are manufacturers of baby carrier products, as well as working with educators and retail stores.

We are the only trade organization focused on baby carrier businesses.

We offer a variety of benefits to our members. We have compliance solutions, including one-on-one consultations. We have discounts and testing and certain things. We offer industry insights, and we have a members only community and networking, and lots of other business supports.

At the bottom of the page here, you’ll see some of the member businesses that are currently engaged with the BCIA, and we have some really magnificent and knowledgeable and wonderful members within our network. We’re very fortunate.

What are the highlights of this particular solution?

Just an overview — well, what’s the US requirement for baby carriers?

The requirements include that you have to have a postage paid product, registration card, and it has to be physically attached to the product. It has to be prefilled with the model number, your manufacturing date, etcetera.

The CPSC does not want consumers to be transcribing this information from your product because they’re concerned about errors and complexity, they want people to always register their products. So, you need to have everything filled in except for the customer’s name, address, et cetera.

There are stringent requirements for the layout and content of your product registration cards.This includes your text size, exactly what can and cannot and must be written on the product registration cards, how the layout is designed, the thickness and and, and everything else, there are some pretty stringent requirements that are all laid out within the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.

You have to maintain those product registrations, all contact information for at least five years. Consumers must have an internet registration option of some kind available to them.

This also has to meet some pretty strict requirements in terms of layout and format, and you can accomplish these requirements in a variety of ways. There are do it yourself solutions, of course.

Some alternatives[to BCIA + Registria] are that you create, print, and stamp your product registration cards for each product.If you are a small volume manufacturer, you might just wish to send out all of these product registration cards with stamps that you’ve purchased for the post office ahead of time.

You can also obtain and maintain the necessary permits for prepaid postage, the annual fees and other fees, the PO box requirements, and all of the different registration permits and hoops to jump through for that ability to maintain those annual permits.

You can manually enter and maintain all of your own product registrations and figure out your own secure way of storing that information.

Or you can utilize a company yourself [privately, without utilizing our proprietary BCIA + Registria program], such as Registria. Their setup fees start around $8000 for the larger companies, and for you as well if you wish to work with them directly.

This solution though, is more accessible and very, very easy. It’s turnkey — everything has been done for you.

Registria will manage your paper registration card program for you, as well as your digital registrations. There are no monthly maintenance fees. As long as you remain a member of the BCIA — you must maintain your BCIA Membership in order to be eligible for this program. It is something that we have specifically negotiated exclusively for our members, and there’s nothing else like it currently on the marketplace.

We have a done-for-you product registration card. You can fill that in with your own information easily through our PDF template and print the cards yourself in bulk. We also offer cards that are pre printed where you can just add your own information with you know, stickers and labels if you have a very small volume.

Registria takes care of the bulk mailing permit. They receive and process all of your product registration cards. There is absolutely nothing for you to do. You don’t handle the cards; you don’t have to maintain the data.

They [Registria] keep everything on their secure server and do all the data entry. They have particular processes in place that ensure data accuracy and everything is stored very securely on a remote server server.

You have a digital registration portal, it complies with all …. Oh, no, I’m sorry. [We’ll come back to that.]

They provide a digital registration portal for your customers; a link where they can go online and register thatcomplies with all CPSC requirements. And they also provide for you a login that you can obtain all of your data from.

So everything is going to be entered into your account within four days of registry of receiving the card. And then you will have a login. And you can access your data and all the reporting about it.

You can download it as a CSV file and have access to that anytime you want. That is both the paper registration data and the online registration data. And again, it’s all stored securely on their remote servers and backed up and ready for you for that five year period.

You pay only a low per card fee to cover the postage and the processing of each card.
As of February 2023, that cost is $2 per product registration, whether it is digital or paper. And that’s the only fee that you’re going to pay.

Registria will bill you directly. Every quarter, you’ll get a bill. And that bill only includes product registrations that are actually received and processed by registry.
And it does not include the cards that you put on your products is how many of your customers actually register their product.

At the higher membership levels, there’s an additional service called Photoregister that’s really fantastic. And those services are available at no additional setup costs to qualifying members.

How do you enroll? It’s super duper easy. It’s a completely turnkey service from when they receive the mail to the final delivery of the customer file four days or less. Very straightforward.

So, first, you register your brand. You become a BCIA member, if you’re not already. You review the details of the program so you know what’s up. You accept our Terms and Conditions and complete the registration form, so that Registria has all the information necessary to get your account set up.

Once that’s done, and even before it’s done, you can attach the registration card to your products. You can either print your own using our template, or you can order blank cards from us. You enter all the required information, and you attach the card to your products. You can do this with a tagging gun or a clip or any other way, but it has to be physically attached the product.

The last step Registria takes care of. They deliver the data to you to you.

You’ve got data hygiene, which means very careful maintenance of the data and that is clean data. It’s posted to your account daily, and you can search it via the registry or portal and export it to Excel.

What are the benefits to BCIA members? What are your next steps?

This is just sort of an overview of what I’ve just told you.

This is a modern product registration service available to all BCIA members. Regardless of the size of your company, the number of carriers that you sell, all of our BCIA members are eligible for this service.

It improves the processing and the delivery of the registration data.

There’s an easy to use web portal, and, again, this requires nothing on your part, except simply registering for the program, and then attaching the cards to your carriers, and maintaining your BCIA annual membership.

There are lots of additional registration methods available [through BCIA+Registria] — well, not lots, but you have your – they’re going to maintain your website, and then also, we have that mobile Photoregister service that’s available at certain levels.

So that just increases your data quality, makes product registration easier.

We have amazing preferred pricing for members.

This is such a great program that is one of the reasons why I actually founded the BCIA – because making this particular requirement work as small businesses was very overwhelming and complex for those of us who owned those businesses. So we decided to work together and craft a program. We used to manage it ourselves, but now we’re very fortunate to work with Registria, and their world-class service and methods and data maintenance.

There’s an easy transition to using these services. Just the three quick steps that I went over with you.

And you have a dedicated support via e-mail, at bcia@registria.com. You can also contact me directly at director@babycarrierindustryalliance.org. You can go to baby carrier industry alliance dot org, learn about our member benefits to learn more, or e-mail me directly Director at baby carrier industry alliance dot org, with any questions or concerns, or to start the process.

Again, my name is Kristi. I am the Executive Director of the Baby Care Industry Alliance, and I really hope to be working with you soon.