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Get targeted support for your business.

Let us save you time and money with services and information created specifically for baby carrying companies and babywearing professionals.


Membership Plans

Regardless of how your work relates to baby carriers, the BCIA has a membership plan for you.



A baby carrier manufacturer

If you make, import, or private label baby carriers, we offer extensive services to save money and comply with local regulations.


A babywearing educator

Do you teach babywearing to individuals, online, in groups, or otherwise? Keep up to date with the latest research and data.


A baby carrier reseller

Retail stores, online sellers, and others who resell carriers gain compliance information and business resources.


A non-profit organization

Whether incorporated or not, nonprofit businesses such as babywearing groups and organizations can access our services at a discount.


A healthcare professional

Doulas, midwives, occupational and physical therapists, nurses, pediatricians, and many other healthcare workers benefit from our networking and information.


Consultant or service provider

If you provide services such as consulting, graphic design, etc. to babywearing businesses, a membership will help you connect with clients, opportunities, and information.

Benefits of a Membership

The BCIA member benefits we offer are unique to babywearing professionals and the baby carrier industry. From networking within the industry to baby carrier compliance support, a BCIA membership benefits babywearing educators, product manufacturers, hand-weavers and artisans, carrier resellers, and more.

Best of all, depending on the size of your business, a BCIA membership can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month (and countless hours of work). In under a month, your membership pays for itself!

Want more details? Download the complete benefits with estimated cost and time savings of your BCIA membership. PDF is 1mb.

Overview of Your BCIA Member Benefits

Insider Information

The BCIA keeps members up-to-date on changes to regulations, new babywearing research, legislation news, and conversations that impact the babywearing community.

Support to enter new markets

Importing and exporting can be complex and confusing. The BCIA supports our members in navigating the work of entering new markets.

Access Compliance Programs

Access free and low-cost compliance support including testing guidance, product registration services, product labels, exclusive guides and checklists, and more.

Network of babywearing professionals

Network with other experts and industry professionals during our round-table conversations, in our online community, and during virtual and in-person networking and learning events.

Save with testing and discounts

Benefit from negotiated discounts on product testing and business services, including deep discounts at testing labs.

Simplify product registration

Our on-of-a-kind product registration program allows businesses of all sizes and types to access affordable US product registration requirements.

Find agencies, professionals and resources.

Utilize our referral service for legal support, insurance services, babywearing educators, marketing experts, and more.

Scholarship sponsorship opportunities

Be the first to know about sponsorship opportunities, and be eligible to apply for member scholarships to certain events.


We are the leading global babywearing advocate, fighting for access to quality baby carriers and supporting babywearing-related businesses of all types and sizes.

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