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How to create a robust compliance plan for baby carriers

This post discusses how to create a compliance plan for baby carriers, wraps, and slings for manufacturers and importers. There is a link to a sample compliance plan template at the end of the article.

Baby carrier compliance plans can vary significantly depending on the type of baby carrier and the country where it’s being sold. However, this guide should help you create a comprehensive product compliance plan no matter what products your company sells or which company you’re selling into.

Where to start when creating a compliance plan for baby carriers

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Annual review and other dates and deadlines

It’s important to review and update your compliance plan regularly. We have an entire article dedicated to an annual compliance plan review.

You should also lay out the dates and deadlines for recurring or periodic parts of this testing plan. What is the timeline for creating required product certificates, or for completing QA inspections, etc? When will the annual review take place?

Does your business need a compliance plan for baby carriers or other products?

We’ve created a Google docs starter template for members.

If you’d like to use our starter template, you can purchase it by following this link.

Compliance Plan Template


This generic compliance plan template gives you a clear outline for a product compliance plan. Included are detailed instructions for completing the plan. This is completely customizable to your business, your products, and your region.

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