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Why Join ASTM?

ASTM International is the international organization that brings stakeholders together to create international standards for over 12,000 products. In the baby carrier industry, F2907, F2236 and F2549 are the three standards that apply to our products, particularly for the North American market (though any country can of course recognize an ASTM standard).

Industry members can be involved in the creation of new standards and the ongoing improvement of current standards by joining ASTM as a Participating Member for $75 USD/year. If you are concerned about standards development, want to have a say in the process or have expertise to contribute, ASTM membership and committee involvement is invaluable.

Membership gives you:

  • Voting rights on all ballot items involving standards changes
  • Access to all the standards in your product category (if you produce both sling carriers and soft infant carriers, it is more cost effective to be a member than it is to buy the standards outright)
  • The right to participate in technical and task group committee projects- for example, right now we have task groups examining labeling, multiples in the sling standard, leg opening testing in the soft carrier standard, and standards harmonization efforts.

Over the years we have seen a steady decrease in manufacturer participation in the carrier standards process, lower attendance at meetings and fewer manufacturers phoning in to meetings. While the BCIA will always represent the needs of the industry as a priority, we are only one vote. Joining ASTM and becoming involved in the standards process is the best way to exercise your voice in this important process.


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