The BCIA member benefits we offer are unique to babywearing professionals and the baby carrier industry. From networking within the industry to baby carrier compliance support, BCIA membership benefits babywearing educators, product manufacturers, hand-weavers and artisans, carrier resellers, and more.

Best of all, depending on the size of your business, a BCIA membership can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month (and countless hours of work). In under a month, your membership pays for itself!

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Overview of your BCIA member benefits


We are the leading global babywearing advocate, fighting for access to quality baby carriers and supporting babywearing-related businesses of all types and sizes.

Stay current

The BCIA keeps members up-to-date on changes to regulations, new babywearing research, legislation news, and conversations that impact the babywearing community.

Members-only community

Network with other experts and industry professionals during our round-table conversations, in our online community, and during virtual and in-person networking and learning events.

Product compliance services

Access free and low-cost compliance support including testing guidance, product registration services, product labels, exclusive guides and checklists, and more.

Find agencies, professionals, and resources

Utilize our referral service for legal support, insurance services, babywearing educators, marketing experts, and more.

Exclusive discounts

Benefit from negotiated discounts on product testing and business services, including deep discounts at testing labs.

Professional development

Attend webinars and facilitated conversations on a variety of topics from marketing to compliance to cultural appropriation.

Scholarship and sponsorship opportunities

Be the first to know about sponsorship opportunities, and be eligible to apply for member scholarships to certain events.


Give back to the babywearing community, learn new skills, and get the opportunity to work with other experts in the babywearing field.

Discover the benefits of BCIA membership

The babywearing industry is stronger together

The BCIA is the only non-profit trade organization committed exclusively to the baby carrier industry. We are a cooperative, collective organization, working on the premise that together, our voice is stronger.

Rather than compete against one another in a small marketplace, we focus on our shared goal of getting babies into carriers. Parents spend thousands of dollars on baby gear, yet they often are unaware of the many carrying options they have or of the importance of touch and movement for their children’s development.

Together, we continue to expand the market for baby carriers and babywearing education.

BCIA member benefits make baby carrier compliance accessible

As the industry became subject to increasing rules and regulations, the BCIA became a voice to ensure that the costs of testing and the process surrounding it would be as accessible as possible to tiny companies. We strive to increase access to regulatory processes so that educators, retailers, and all sizes and styles of manufacturers can participate in, understand, and question the regulatory processes not only in the US but globally.

In addition, we offer a variety of products and services either free or at a low cost for companies seeking to comply with regulations, including compliance audits, labels, and done-for-you product registration.

Stay up-to-date with the latest information and insights

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is in direct communication with some of the world’s top compliance attorneys, babywearing researchers, and regulatory organizations. This allows us to offer our members the latest information on best practices for education, instructions, regulatory compliance, sales strategies, recalls, innovations, and more.

Connecting educators, retailers, and manufacturers

When you join the BCIA community, you are joining a network of babywearing professionals. Our monthly newsletter keeps you up-to-date on the latest information in the baby carrying world. The members-only Facebook group allows dynamic conversations between some of the industry’s leading voices — you can ask questions, find information, and connect with other businesses who might be seeking your services or carriers.

The BCIA facilitates round-table conversations, webinars, in-person and virtual events, and other networking spaces where you can share your voice and experience and benefit from the expertise and work of other industry professionals.

Benefit from general business support

The BCIA is fortunate to have members from all corners of the babywearing community. Because of this, we are able to offer learning opportunities related to building a thriving babywearing business. These learning opportunities have included topics such as inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, copywriting, compliance, marketing strategies, entering the international marketplace, and connecting with healthcare professionals about babywearing.

BCIA Membership benefits pay for themselves

Ready to become a BCIA member?

Don’t risk missing important conversations. Don’t waste another minute on tasks the BCIA has already done for you. Don’t lose opportunities for personal or business growth. Join our association of industry professionals today if you are:

  • A baby carrier manufacturer or artisan selling 1 or 1 million carriers each month
  • A babywearing educator
  • A baby carrier reseller
  • A non-profit organization working with young families that will benefit from babywearing
  • A healthcare professional or organization working with expectant mothers or infants who wants to promote babywearing and its benefits
  • A parent, caregiver, or human of any kind who wants to see more babies in carriers or who wants to receive the inside scoop on babywearing in the news